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The pillows are a mix of old and new indigo-dyed fabrics. The vintage fabrics are from Japanese folk textiles, hand-woven and naturally dyed from the indigo plant following traditional methods. What the common people used solely for utilitarian purposes is now made into decorative pillows for your home.

Some of the patches on the vintage side are historically known as Boro cloth. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Japan was a poor country, and frugality required recycling scraps of cloth and creating patches that were hand-stitched.

The backing is made from new indigo-dyed fabric, 100% cotton that is medium in weight with a fine weave, grainy texture, and brilliant indigo color. The cloth is woven the way fabric used to be - in small batches in a region that has produced the highest quality fabric and dye for centuries. The manufacturer is a small outfit, one of only a few in Japan that still make natural, indigo-dyed fabrics on hand-operated looms. 

Imperfections and any discoloration with the threads are part of the charm and uniqueness.

Due to the vintage or one-of-a-kind nature of these textiles, the pillow selections are limited. We are continuously sourcing and replenishing our stock with similar vintage cloth. If there is anything you are interested in, but find it currently unavailable, please contact us about something comparable.

All pillow covers come with down inserts.

Pillows  are made by Cloth and Goods.

Care instructions:
Best to dry-clean.