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This cloth was used to process sake. Made into bags that would hold unrefined sake, they would hang so the refined sake could drip into vats. Over time if bags were damaged they would be patched and stitched with thick white cotton to preserve the bags. To further strengthen them they would be dipped into persimmon juice. Repeating this process caused the cotton to turn into a beautiful brown. The appearance and texture can resemble variegated brown leather or a waxed canvas, though soft and flexible. No two are the same.

Because these textiles are vintage there may be slight imperfections of the cloth. We at Cloth and Goods feel that the imperfections only add to the charm and uniqueness.

Due to the vintage or one-of-a-kind nature of these textiles, the pillow selections are limited. We are continuously sourcing and replenishing our stock with similar vintage cloth. If there is anything you are interested in, but find it currently unavailable, please contact us about something comparable.

Pillows made by Cloth and Goods.

All pillow covers come with down inserts.

Care instructions:
Best to dry-clean.