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12 x 59 inches


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Using historical Japanese techniques that are entirely organic and sustainable, these runners of unspun bast fibers are dyed with indigo that have been grown, processed, and woven by a husband wife team in Rowland Ricketts studio. Patterns are created using a stenciled rice-paste resist (katazome).
The ends are hand-hemmed and the selvedges are raw. 
Care instructions:
Press-wash in cold water with a little mild detergent. Rinse in cold running water and hang to drip-dry in the shade. Gently stretch to shape and iron with a very hot steam iron. Please do not wring this material or wash it in washing machine. Do not dry clean.
They are extremely strong fiber but are weakened with creasing, so please take care when handling. Like all dyes, indigo dislikes ultraviolet light and will fade quickly if left in direct sunlight. When not using, roll and store in a dark place.

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