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Book signing at Cloth and Goods Studio

We are so honored to announce that we will be hosting Aimee Lee’s new book called Hanji Unfurled a Journey into Korean Papermaking on March 2oth at 6:30 pm. If you are in the Portland area please do come by , it will be a special evening. 915 NW 19th Ave Studio E . For more details see our Facebook page.

Please watch this video

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New Artist

We are excited to represent Joanne Fielder photography

As a photographer she is inspired by nature and it’s introspective encounters. I love that she appreciates what she calls” routine beauty” or time we navigate through. From a series of Which Way Ducks to Later On, Joanne has an eye for beauty and refinement.

Please click on the picture so you can view the entire image

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13 Shades of Indigo

African Mossi Indigo Wrapper Cloths
So many shades and name of Indigo!!!!
In eighteenth century Europe “dyers classified indigo colours into thirteen separate shades, beginning with the lightest: ‘milk-blue, pearl-blue, pale-blue, flat-blue, middling-blue, sky-blue, queen’s blue, turkish-blue, watchet-blue, garter-blue, mazareen-blue, deep-blue, and very deep or navy-blue (or ‘infernal blue’).”

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How to Decorate your Space with Indigo and Denim

MSN Living for Glo Magazine collaborated with Remodelista, highlighting some of Cloth and Goods’ Products on pages 5 & 8 of the article.

Click on this linkfor page.

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Lauhala Artist From Hawaii

We are so excited about a new product we had to share it with you before we put it on our website!

They are stunning. I have just come back from the holidays in Hawaii and had the honor of meeting an artists who works with the lauhala plant.

His workmanship is so refined and has such a great sense of color and design. I am very happy to have found a product from a place that I call my home.

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Happy Holidays and New Year from the Valley Islands

We wish you all the very best for this coming New Year. May your wishes come true!

We also have some exciting things in store for this coming year so stay tuned.

Thanks for your support.


from the Cloth and Goods team

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Si from French by Design Blog

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Holiday Gift Guide #2

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Holiday Gift Guide # One

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One Kings Lane

You’ll find us this Holiday season on

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