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Posted by Melissa Newirth on

I am so thrilled to write my first blog post because that means after many months of hard work my site is finally launched and I get to share it with you. It has been my dream to open a store for many years. I have been told ever since I was young girl that I was born with a great eye. After being raised in New York, moving to California and then Maui, where I lived for 16 years, I’ve finally found the perfect studio here in Portland, which will be the headquarters for my online shop.

Cloth and Goods started with my love for vintage textiles, particularly indigo dyed. When I travel, I tend to search out fabrics and textiles on the road. Researching the hard to find has almost become an obsession. That’s also how I get to know a place and it’s people. As I’ve met talented, young artists here in Portland and on my travels in the US and abroad, my ideas for the shop have grown and I am passionate about supporting these emerging artists and small businesses.

It’s hard to choose a favorite product at Cloth and Goods. We’ll be offering our own exclusive line as well as products sourced locally and from around the globe. Our artists and producers have varied backgrounds but have one thing in common: they all represent fine examples of modern craftsmanship. We have vintage fabrics made into pillows from Japan and Africa, ceramics from a small family company in the United Kingdom, an art professor from the Midwest who tends an indigo farm and dyes and weaves with traditional methods table runners, charcoal drawings from an artist and mother of three young children, just to mention a few. I only sell things that I love and would buy myself or have in my own home. I am excited to bring them to you.

This space will be a place to share new products and updates on the shop, but also notes from my inspiration folders, travel diaries, and studio. I hope you’ll feel at home to join the conversation.


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