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A Funny Story All The Way From Sumatra

Posted by Melissa Newirth on

In my travels to Bali a few years ago I purchased beautiful textiles I did not know much about yet wanted to know more- where did they come from- who wove them etc.? I signed up for a textile newsletter and how newsletters go, if they are long I do not read in full. But on this particular day, something caught my eye. A woman inherited a large collection of textiles from Indonesia and was needing to to sell them. I immediately wrote to her letting her know about Cloth and Goods. After she looked at my website she wanted to work with me but we didn’t know how, she literally has thousands of pieces and I did not know if they were in Bali. She said that I should look on her website and signed out with an area code 310 from LA.Well now I am excited, after looking on her website I see the textiles I purchased in Bali a few years ago and wanted to know more about them. I am also flying to LA the following week! The textiles are there but she is going on vacation, so we set a day to meet when she returns.

The story only gets better! My son lives on Maui and is at a dinner party sitting next to to a stranger, a woman. They start a conversation asking each other what they do.The woman told my son she has inherited a large collection of textiles from Indonesia and is selling them. My son then tells her about Cloth and Goods and who I am. Her mouth dropped open and said, ” I am meeting with Melissa Newirth next week”. Now if the universe did not orchestrate our meeting then I do not understand when something is meant to be!

These textiles are amazing, handwoven, vegetable dyed from Sumatra. Exclusive collection in Cloth and Goods Studio.

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