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The Indigo Trail

Posted by Melissa Newirth on

These indigo maps are taken from Catherine Legrand’s book “Indigo The Color that Changed the World”. Here are just a few maps that show places that still keep the traditional methods of indigo dyeing alive in their culture. Just yesterday the BBC news reported the crumbling dye pits in Nigeria, needing to revise the indigo textiles from the modern culture. Once known of as ” the blue men of the desert” (indigo staining their faces) they are now relying on tourism and outside traders. And what makes it even harder for tourism is when war threatens their country.

When we think of indigo we immediately go to the Far East, Japan, China, India etc. I have specialized in mostly in Japanese indigo as well as African but indigo is quite popular in the Western parts of Europe as well as Central America.

We are in the middle of production that will be ready on our site late winter, indigo pillows from Eastern Europe. We can’t wait to show you!

Each region has a quality of their own. So stay tuned.

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